Published Novel:

  Upper House Conspiracy (Published 2006)

        (No longer available.)

While pursuing a scandal story for his tabloid, Will O'Brien, a discredited former investigative reporter, discovers an aging senator's recent death by heart attack was an assassination. He makes that claim in a his weekly article, which produces a mysterious informer who tells him of an incredible conspiracy to assassinate senators in order to control the outcome of the midterm elections.

O'Brien and DC Detective Zalva Martinez pursue the conspiracy through a trail of murdered participants and witnesses, discovering a cabal of political fanatics with ties to one of our oldest European allies. Desperate to save the last remaining witness, they fall into a trap set by the conspirators. A trap from which escape seems hopeless.   


     Le Astuzia

       (The Ruse)

         A dramatic play in 3 acts.


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Copyright Robert Goddard. All rights reserved.


I am an old style poet and believe that all true poetry must have rhyme and meter. The best ones also have allegory.

All my poems are written in iambic pentameter (5 feet to a line with the accent being on the 2nd syllable of each foot).  Some are English sonnets with three verses of four lines each, with the first and third lines rhyming and the second and fourth lines rhyming, and the last verse with only two lines with both lines rhyming. The others have four or five verses each, with the same rhyming pattern as the first three verses in the sonnets. 

The Trial of Max Pukker

    A dramatic play in 3 acts.

Novel manuscripts:

     Body of Evidence, a work in progress.

          At about 75% completion of this novel, I                realized that with a few changes, it would              make a good play.  I have finished that                  play, which is titled Le Astuzia (The Ruse).            The plot is  more complicated than in the              resulting  play, but I believe both will be                successful.  

     The Last Courier, a work in progress.

           The action takes place in the Congo                     during an outbreak of Ebola. The                           protagonist is a a World Health                             Organization doctor who discovers a plot             by a renegade scientist to use genetically             engineered fleas to transmit a genetically             engineered version of the Ebola Virus                   against the U.S. government and its                     allies. The sigma character is a beautiful               female virologist.