Sleeping Peasants (after Picasso)

Oil on canvas, 24" x 30".

Three Old Crows

An original in oil by me, approximately 32" x 48".

Two women running on the beach (after Picasso)

Oil on canvas, 22" x 28".

Stipple drawing by me, in ink, of a statue on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate near Ashville, N.C. (8" x 14")

Many years ago, I wanted to be an artist in oils. I had no training and as a result, had much difficulty in mixing oils and was too much of a perfectionist. Now that I am much older, and wiser, and have more patience, I wish I had kept all the unfinished original oil paintings that I threw away! 


My youngest of 4 sons when he was very young.

Oil on canvas, 36" x 24", from a photograph.

Kyle has an MA in Art from the University of Kansas and teaches art at a Catholic University.

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